Week 3:  Psych & Perf:  Sellars   Barham 1st

  1. Report on one journal entry submitted
  2. Report on “types” observations
  3. Power and Force harmonic:
  • hit on scale is independent of opinion
  • integrity is lacking today:  if you know you are not doing what you “could be” doing, your energy ⇓
  • causality:  to believe a “this” causes a “that”   A ⇒ B ⇒ C
    When we (actors) know it is A     B     C
    ⇓     ⇓      ⇓
    A     B     C

World View (premise, natural law)

  • HAND OUTS & exercise:  general, then self , then character
  • Ros Gentle page exercise
  • Freud and his 3 layers: desire never ends because we can never TRULY do what we desire

Assignment for Week #4:

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