Well, yeah: now Bowie

David Bowie has cleared the decks.  It is almost as though all other deaths were “regular” and now … his:  A couple of days after his 69th and upon the release of his final album, wherein he sings as a dead spaceman, from bed with nickles on his eyes.  If he’s in death, everyone’s in death, well there you go.

Listening tbowieo this little (Penny Kelly) woman from Michigan yesterday a woman who sees fairies, sees atoms, molecules, sees hydrogen change, sees auras, went through a black hole, could not verify the Big Bang, and raises chickens, it is as though she is testifying that this universe is so vast and complex – yet integrated – that for most of us our little minds (concerned with wrinkles, romance, and Republicans) are just too tied up in chatter ever, ever to grasp the glory.  We need to be freed by death, by our bodies, freed from our very identities to begin to be able to join the intelligence which could comprehend  “reality” – and by that time, that unclothing of our “self” we would and will have no personal identity left.  How silly it really is.  We hold that reality “comes from” our own neurotic  awareness.  How could we possibly contain the universe and its glory – glory which IS the universe – from within our neurotic concerns.  When you “really see” that you cannot see, you can let go and be seeing.

Fare thee well in the outer reaches of the universe, David Bowie.  Now you no longer exist, but the universe does.  You have been swallowed by Big Truth.  And we hold back here, teeming with the 8 billion, to our little personal versions.  Ah!  to be free!  One can almost feel the coming together of the left and the right, the alive and the dead, the truth and the lie, the cool and the uncool.  When will we drop language and pick up love?


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