see the Film Blog here … and pretty soon, some others I wrote and will edit and post are:

  • Wall Street – how low can you go, Gekko
  • Raging Bull – if I can’t fight you, I’ll fight me
  • Psycho – who are the two main characters?
  • Kramer v. Kramer – a balance is to be found
  • Heat – is bad good or is good bad
  • Breaking Bad – all to support the family
  • Shine – shine on
  • American Beauty – beauty is in the ordinary
  • American History X – tribalism is out of whack

Movies have a beginning, middle, and end.  The middle is twice as long as either the beginning or the end.  At each juncture is a “plot point.”  As an actor, I learned from Stanislavsky.  A movie, like a role, has the same components just as he instructed.

  • Given Circumstances
  • Adjustment
  • Premise
  • Action
  • Objective