little book

Just out!  March 6th Everything Is a Verb

→ Which Side Are You On you get the Intro!

→ What Do Animals Really Want?  you get 7 animals!

→ Mo’s 10 Commandments  Plus, you can buy them on a cup!

→ PoWoms  They are even read aloud to you!

→ K…indle on K…indle  for the PaperWhite.

→ Some Poems After the World Changed  3 to begin, plus you’ve got the Custom Poems

Coming soon:

  • Alien Dictionary . . .  You will be invited to add to it.  Like these German Words
  • The G-Spot of Freedom . . . A paper I wrote for students.  Some loved it; others thought it was naughty.
  • Plato and Mussolini:  A Duography  The story is not done yet (still living it), but I’ll post the beginning.
  • Everything’s a Verb:  self-publishing soon.  Read a snip on gesture here
  • Social Fractals – Two forces grant four functions to social life.  Social Fractals situates you in a model of self and situates the model of self inside a model of social groups:  fractal upon fractal upon fractal.  This is my Sociology opus.
  • Two already-published stories will be here
    • The Husband
    • Grandmother’s House:  my first published fiction!