I have had an Instant Pot for over two years–used it maybe a dozen times, maybe more. I avoided making yoghurt, but it has been on my mind for 6 months. Yesterday, I did it. It’s so f—-ing easy. These YouTubes to make it simple make it complicated.

You need 3 things: milk, some former yoghurt, and a thermometer.

It doesn’t matter what kind of milk you use because after your first batch you will want to try them all. I used 2% because “somebody” told me that was best. I didn’t have the short jars that would fit in the pot, so I poured the whole quart of milk right in the pot. I pressed the yoghurt button and it lit up. THING IS, you have to press it AGAIN (and maybe again) until it says “Boil”. Now you’re on your way!

It will ding or turn off or something, and you open the lid and stick in the thermometer. It needs to be about 110 degrees. or maybe 115. You throw in some existing yoghurt. I threw in about 3-4 T into the quart of hot milk.

Then, with the Yoghurt button lit up, you set the time with the +. I used 8 hours, got home, opened the lid and looked it. It looked like a runny mess, so I upped it to 12 hours. At 12, I opened again and vowed to start over BUT I GOT OUT my stainless colander and cheese cloth instead. Dumped it in, over a bowl. Fun how much “whey” drips out! I dripped until it bored me and slid the remainder off the cheesecloth into a clean refrigerator bowl with lid and went to bed.

Well. Next morning I looked in and some more whey had seeped out around the edges–which was an easy pour-off. It didn’t look like the right consistency, but I took a spoonful. It was yum. Then, I lined a bowl with raisins and slivered almonds and voil√†. Now I am on my way (whey?) to becoming a yoghurt girl. I wanted to write this before I insisted upon this type of milk, or that many hours, or this particular “culture.” Just dive in: you’ll find your way.

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