God is an Artist Who Art in Heaven

God is an artist 
I want him to be 
He drew all the humans 
He draws each tree. 
He got the idea 
For a high sky above 
He gave us big brains 
And the goal of love. 

God keeps trying
To get one of us right
He sharpens his pencil
To convey us to light.

We are infants, then teens,
Then we grow up to die.
All the years in between
We ask the sky why.

He got some almost right, it seems:
With impossibilities we meet only in dreams.
There’s Christ and Shiva—and then there is Dao
That cute dog, that rose
And look at that Owl!

But even the perfect ones,
if a religion they start
(Whether they do it or followers
who were touched to their heart)
Get doctrinal and whoops
What a disaster can foul
When rules are clubs
And prayers are hollow.

If God is an artist
And made us with art power
Our job is to stop 5 times to flower
The next few hours for holy reverence
To welcome all moments with tolerance
To lighten up and not be so dense.

We are moving pictures,
Together we mix it.
We can drop the conceit That presumes to fix it.
Everything is art!
My God!  What a dance!
To this I am party
In this I advance.
This is the entrance

To everything:
the doors of mystic perception.
Of this I sing.

So stretch out now, limb to limb
welcome, embody
and ego trim
Flow in then out
Incarnate – burn:
Offer to God the Artist
Whatever you learn
When open
And free
Not me

Light is God’s painting.
Forget the words:  They’re wrong
And dance with this big partner
Who’s been there all along.
In the trees and the desert
And out at the shore
Inside and outside
This movement I adore.