In the beginning was creation = for the beginning to begin, it was created.  Creation always was and always is.  Creation is the internal charge of all things, events, ideas.  It is inherent in all that is.  To be fully, humanly alive is to see creation in all that is.  All is infused with it.  It is not that creation comes out of nothing; rather, creation is all that is.  There is no nothing.  Creation spans manifest and spiritual “realms”.  The Word is and always was.  The Christ figure = creation made flesh so that it is not just an inherency which most might miss.  When the Christ was made flesh, that Christ flesh was touchable, smellable, tasty, seen, and heard by those living at that time.  For those of us not present 2022 years ago, the Word was passed along so that it might enter our hearts even though the sight, smell, taste, and touch of The Word may be far away.  Creation is.  Still is.  Always is.

To understand Creation enlivens all that is inside “us” and all that is outside.  All is.