Years ago, out of a corporate job and tired of “jobbing” (helping people with computers), Academia called me back to teach.  I had had a 30-year hiatus and never wanted to see a big chalk board again, but the class they offered me was “The Sociology of Emotion.”  Oh, I can make up something to get me through that, I thought.  As an actor, I knew all about emotion!   So I read of all I could find in Sociology about emotion – and that was not much.  I had to create my own way to understand it, and I present that here:

  • What is it?                              The buildup of energy that seeks release.
  • What are they?                      Fear-Anger       Sadness       Contempt-Disgust    Surprise- Happiness
  • Where do they come from? Our mind!
  • What do we (tend to) do with them?  Judge
  • What can we do with them?                 Re-think, that is, re-construct the world view.

I now teach budding actors a class in Psychology for Performance.  We learn how to produce emotion. 
But my pursuit on this website is in how emotion begets sound, how sound begets words, how words beget sentences, how sentences beget world views – and how this is … Creation.