I had a dream:  a faint outline of an emergent social organization.  The chrysalis of the old organization is crumbling.  Although governments came from necessary and good intentions, they were leaky and morphed into structures that produced neglect and sorrow for too many rather than possibility for all.  In a rush to “individualism” we put wedges of comparison between us and produced predation, discord, and suspicion rather than interest, love, and compassion as our link to one another.  We must re-look.

  • The core is FREEDOM: This is the source and purpose of human relationship and action.
  • The building block to maintain freedom is the net of FAMILY. If good family does not exist, it is to be created and maintained.  No one can “do” life alone–not the good life.  Family is biologic or social.
  • The substance which binds is FAITH: FAITH in oneself to do what it takes to maintain the pure collective.

The product is JOY: internal JOY and celebration in community.   The political system to sustain the production of JOY is inherent in the brilliant gem of the US Constitution.  We have seen, however, in the quarter-millennium of its operation, that even with this gem, power corrupts because power inverts.  Now we are to flip power back to its true meaning:  power is creation, it is not secrecy and dominance by one over another.  True power is in allowing our internal faith in life to flower.  This power serves our innate, inalienable freedom, and our innate, inalienable freedom is what is.