A couple of days ago, while contemplating the  dream so many of us are having of a New World of integrity and transparency, I saw that I need to shift Freedom, Family, Faith to include Friends. Then I told my friend Madam X about the 3 Fs and she said, “What about Fun?” She is so right: Freedom Family (Friends) Faith and FUN. We get to have FUN remaking this world. While I had said the product of FFF is JOY, let’s add FUN to get there.  FFFF = Joy.

Join me in writing up a new Internal Declaration of Independence. The guys who wrote the original  were mostly young men.  Lets re-start with old women writing this addendum to The Declaration.  Join me in the construction of the Internal Declaration of Independence.  (Men and youth joyfully welcome too.)  Come one, come all–come writers, come quoters, come researchers, come editors, come dreamers, come players, come visionaries, come good people all.  

And on those amazing writers who set us together forth on this adventure of independence a quarter-millennium ago :  Thomas Jefferson was 33, John Hancock was 39, and, while Benjamin Franklin was 70, at least one of them was a teenager:  James Monroe,  18.  Alexander Hamilton was 21.  We can do it, folks! Let’s construct a document of what is important: Freedom, Family (Friends), Faith, and FUN!