I have long been such a “sophisticate” that I felt a bit sophomoric about forwarding the simple answer: LOVE. I did not understand it. I am just coming to understand it. But to say one understands it is so presumptuous.
It is more a stand-undering than an understanding. It is not that I am now understanding what I thought it was; it is that LOVE is not what I thought it was. LOVE is more like a cosmic tidal wave than a little heart or flower or smiley face or jingle.
It is so bizarre that humanity took the two great words – HEART and LOVE – and double used them. One use is for what the force and center really are and the other, more common or daily use is for the trivialization and localization in materiality.
HEART is the pulsation of the universe. LOVE is the tidal wave that comes from that pulsation. One almost hesitates to use the words for fear they will be brought down to the material-commercial-romantic level. But HEART and LOVE are the words of physics, geometry, energy, change, growth. HEART and LOVE are God-level concepts, not to be trivialized if we are to survive, thrive, and learn what it is to be alive.
I see, now, how Ulla late in her life was led to draw only images of heart and love and rejected all other forays into attempts to discover “reality”. For her, all attempts, including astrology, The Emerald Tablets, the Anunnaki, and certainly modern materialist-science attempts were but for “entertainment.” And, then, there is REALITY. I found Ullas incessant drawings to exist on two levels: the shallow level came from my own perception of LOVE and HEART being material. The deeper level always shone through her artistic efforts which is why there was a thin thread in them from their center to mine. Thank you, Ulla, for your steadfastness to TRUTH. And now, unsophisticate that I am, I send from HEART LOVE.