We were born with the ability to make sounds.  We turned those sounds into words.  We turned those words into sentences.  We turned those sentences into world views.  We turned those world views into realities.  None of this could have occurred without emotion – which is a moving – of something – inside us.

Here's the THEORYHere's some PRACTICE


Some poems jumped up to be sung
In the process, I dropped unnecessary words and syllables.  Reverse engineer this to speculate on how the human race moved from emotion to sound to words to theories to this world.   In the 00s I wrote dozens of songs.  Only these two got any production and instrumental background.  But another one got into a movie, a movie about crop circles!


Poems themselves just bubble up.  One line simply asserts itself
Then it has its way.
For me, rhymes and rhythms have clout
And narrative holds no sway.

Here’s a route to the poems.