Having been an inveterate “intellectual” all my adult life, I was smart enough at least to that when someone asked me how I felt about something that I recognized that I had no I idea. Once I even replied to someone: “Where would I even go to find out what I feel?” People from Ramana on down would say that the spiritual heart is not the same as the muscle-pump heart; the spiritual heart is said to be in the middle of the chest–kind of behind the breast-bone. Recently I saw a painting of the heart of Jesus as it shone out towards Julian, 12th century. That painting’ll zap you if you stop and gaze it at a while even if you don’t know where your heart is.
But while still in the dark, people would say “Go to your heart” (or some such) and I would take my mind and drive it to that spot in my physical body just a bit to the right of my heart muscle. Huh. Wouldn’t feel a thing–nothing–except that I was ignoring where my material heart is in favor of some idea. I knew I wasn’t getting it. Now I see that I was trying to approach the spiritual heart through the material body! Wrong plane!
One must discover the route to the ever-present spiritual body which goes by so many names: light body, astral body, spirit body–whatever. Tune into it as a whole and then a light-touch focus on its heart.  It becomes a breeze. It is all about “allowing,” letting go. It is not mental. It is not physical. It is all in feeling.
Once there, love flows. LOVE: that’s the next word, like HEART, that eluded me for so long.