It is time for each of us – each minute of each day – to feel and recognize our own inner ability to create and lead.  For so long – forever, it seems – we have been trained to “follow the leader”, and now we see that we have no leaders.  There is only leaderSHIP.  Leadership is a trait of a relationship; it is not a possession of some individual.  Over the centuries, we inadvertently transferred the quality “leader” to certain individuals rather than seeing it is an aspect of a relationship when and only when that relationship involves two-way responsibilities and mutual respect.   What we got from that misplacement and concretization of leadership is a set of connections that are empty of meaning, devoid of responsibility, cloaked, hidden, messy, and dirty.

It turns out that YOU have leadership inside YOU.  Leadership is internal: it is in the spirit – the stardust – inside each of us.  With attention on it, we can discover that as units of the whole we are capable of transformation of ourselves and the collective.  As each of us transforms, the collective transforms into a body wherein each cell – each individual – goes forth in the power of love.  We connect with ourselves and then find our ways to one another: we support, we inspire. 

Not-love (evil) was produced out of a false and crumbling structure of leadership by the “One” (or the “Few”) over the Many.  That was a false model, a model that denied the truth of our very being.  Leadership – creativity – alchemical potential – is inside each human.  It may be dormant, it may not have been used since childhood, but it is there, ready to take flight.  Let us all go deep within ourselves and connect with each other to join the new movement of human evolution.  Let us be excited uplifted, peaceful, joyous, and free.  Let us smile at our brothers and sisters, children, and elders, alive and passed on, in this frequency and in higher and deeper frequencies.  Get subtle.  See through to the light.  Rejoice.