Today is life.  I deserve to experience the bounty of simply being alive.  I can feel the pulse of life ripple through my body wherever I focus my attention. This focus, this attention, this pulse brings me right to where it is best to be.  It is simply being.  Being goes by many names, but being is the simplest.  Being is the kernel, the center—and the center is everywhere.  What is the purpose of trying to state and re-state the un-statable?  To do it better than the others who have tried?  To hold everything down so that one fine point can be made?  To speak with paradox so that readers will get one thread as truth one day, the other on another day, and on some fine days get the marriage of the two threads.  No, that has been tried for 1000s of years.  Poetry is my response, for poetry not only gets to attempt that, it has a good time doing it.

So I hereby dedicate the remainder of my days on earth:  to poetry!

I believe in the power of poetry.

The only question is structure:  will the poetic hang on a structure – or not!